Benefits Of Using An Ebike For Post-Knee Injury Rehab


There are many benefits in using an ebike, but as we get older it is good practice to maintain our physical well-being. Exercising can become a challenge as your joints age and mobility decreases, especially if you suffer from arthritis.  Individuals both young and old can suffer from knee injuries, which can lead to the potential need for surgery. The process of rehabilitating from an injured knee can be difficult and tedious.  Fortunately, riding a bike is a great form of rehabilitation that is frequently recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. Ebikes in particular allow you to easily control the amount of stress placed on your knees. Here are a few helpful tips to get you moving again (with doctor’s orders, of course)!

Starting off

In most cases, your knee will be swollen and sore during the first few weeks post-injury. Moving it will be painful, so the goal is to decrease swelling and get your entire body back in motion. Your therapist will provide you with some light exercises to get you moving again.

Ease into it

Once you start to recover your full range of motion and can bend your knee without pain, don’t be afraid to hop on an ENVO ebike. A study from the International Journal of Behavioural  Nutrition and Physical Activity concluded that riding a pedal-assisted ebike provides a better workout than walking, which means ebikes are a great tool to help you get back to your pre-injury fitness level. Our ENVO ebikes provide a unique feature called “the Assist,” which adds support and decreases strain on your legs and knees compared to riding a traditional bike. Our ebikes feature a “power-on-demand” throttle with enhanced pedal-assist technology. This technology is integrated within the bike to give your pedalling a boost while reducing stress and impact on your joints. Using the pedal-assist on leisurely rides can help rebuild your endurance and strength over time, resulting in a faster recovery.

Benefits of using an Ebike

Getting comfortable again

The great thing about ebikes is they are used frequently because of their accessibility. With technology, almost anything is possible. The increased adoption of ebikes means we can produce a variety of designs that can accommodate your needs as they change. Ebikes enable people of all different fitness levels and abilities to cycle together, whether for rehabilitation or leisure. It not only assists in recovering from injuries but also opens many possibilities to improve your overall quality of life.

If you are looking to purchase an e-bike or would like to explore what model would work for you, we offer free consultations of various e-bike solutions and have a warranty on select bikes. Contact us today to discover your best life with the ENVO ebike.

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